WWE legends who are trusting in Jesus

1. Sting

In a TV appearance on Canadian Christian daily talk show 100 Huntley Street, Sting talked about his deeply routed faith and shared a message for those who are searching for God:

“If you’ve accepted the Lord one time in your life, but you did what I did and you just kind of wanted God to just poof, you know, wave the magic wand and make everything okay, and you’re just sort of floating along and not understanding why you’re not experiencing God, live your life for Jesus Christ.

“Make the decision, you know, in your heart and then vocally and tell the Lord that you want to live your life for Him from this day forward.

“And don’t be, you know, wishy-washy with your walk. Talk about what you believe.

“Talk about what Jesus Christ did in your life.

“And you know what? He’s going to come. You will experience God and He will be able to deliver you from any kind of problem that you have.

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“And if you’ve never accepted the Lord, by all means, I’m telling you, and if you don’t know for sure, just try it. And just ask Him. Just say, if you’re there, Jesus Christ if you are there, ask Him to come into your heart and He will.

“Ask Him to reveal Himself to you and He will. I don’t care if you’re addicted to drugs or pornography or your marriage is over with.

“Even if you’re divorced, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t know your teenager, you’re a teenager, you don’t know your mom and dad, and you’re just, you feel like you’re insignificant, you’re not insignificant.

“You are very significant in God’s eyes. He loves you. And I’m telling you what, Jesus Christ is real.

“And He wants to save your life right now. Just open your heart up to Him like I did. I promise you, God will come.”

2. Hulk Hogan

After getting baptized at the age of 70, Hulk Hogan talked to CBN News about the significance of publicly displaying his faith in Jesus:

“It broke down that fourth or fifth wall to tell people the truth about my Lord and Savior.

“How you should look at things or how you should care for people and not judge people. And it set me free.

“I wasn’t that perfect vessel that I should be or should have been. Once I was baptized, I felt I was all anew. It really was a major pivot in my life.”

3. The Undertaker

In 2019, The Undertaker spoke at the C3 Christian Conference, where the WWE legend revealed how his wife encouraged him to refind his faith:

“So she says, would you please just come to church with me one time? I’m like, babe, look, I’m going to walk in there and the rafters are going to start shaking.

“I mean, I believe in God. I’m good. Just, I don’t want to, you know, it’s not going to work.

“But she was very persistent and she wanted me to be the man that I could be. And that has nothing to do with being The Undertaker.

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“And so I went and I was, it was just the perfect circumstance at the perfect time. She pushed me and I went reluctantly.

“But once I got there and, you know, I grew up, I grew up Catholic and, you know, so I’m thinking to myself, man, I don’t want to kneel.

“I don’t want to get down on the pew. I mean, after 17 surgeries, you can figure my body doesn’t really feel good all the time.

“So I’m like, so there were no pews. There were no, you know, I didn’t know there was no kneeling and everything. And I was just, I just had this, once again, it was kind of like the Eggman deal.

“Like I was getting myself worked up, right? Because I was thinking, okay, all right, pastor’s going to see me and he is just going to throw fire and brimstone right at me. Sinner, sinner, you know, and it wasn’t nothing like that.

“Mac and his family, they were really awesome. And it was, it was more, it was more like a conversation, you know, and I found myself from being, you know, kind of tense, intensive to kind of leaning in and like, wow, this is, this is, this is, this is pretty cool.

“And that started my, my journey back to leading my life the way I should.”

4. Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels shares a similar testimony to The Undertaker, revealing his wife’s prayers led him to giving his life to Jesus:

“Lo and behold, one day I find myself in the parking lot of Cornerstone church. I’m drawn to this place. I know that the good Lord is trying to tell me something and I know it’s in that big building.

“And I said, look, I’m, I’m looking for a Bible study. The lady looks up at me and, and I think she thinks at first I’m there to rob the place.

“This gentleman sticks his head out of his office. He’s their computer guy.

“He says, you can come to mine. He goes Wednesday night, seven o’clock. I’ll give you directions to my house.

“Well, he tells me, look, Shawn, you know, to be a part of this Bible study, you’ve got to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

“You know, would you, would you like that? And I said, you know something? I think I would.

“He leads me in the sinner’s prayer and I just weep like a baby. This feeling comes over me that it’s like, it’s over, they discipled me.

“I mean, my, my life was never, it’s never been the same. You know, I never touched another drug.

“So I came home and I go, my goodness, the greatest thing ever. I’m driving home. I come in the door. I said, honey, I know what it is.

“It’s Jesus. I’m saved. I tell her everything that happened. She looks at me and she goes, I know.

“I said, what do you mean? I said this whole time I said, I’ve been trying to figure it out. She said, look, I’ve known all along. She said you needed to find this on your own.

“She said, I was just so worried that if I pushed it, it wouldn’t, wouldn’t happen.

“And then she begins to tell me how all those nights after I passed out, she’d go in the closet and she’d pray for me.

“And I, and of course it is whatever it is, 15 years later, I still get (tears), I’m just holding them back. I’m holding them back.

“When I was a horrific wretch, she didn’t pine away at me. She went in there, into that closet, and prayed for me. I don’t think there’s any greater thing you can do for someone.”

5. The Million Dollar Man

The Million Dollar Man opened up to the Jesus Calling Podcast about how a conversation with a close friend helped him to see how much Jesus loved him:

“I said, Hal, what do I do? He said, Ted, Jesus said the truth will set you free. Never said it’d be easy. Never said it’d be painless. Said it’d set you free.

“He said if you’ll trust him today like you did when you were a kid when you were 15, he knew my story. When you go to that desert cemetery, he said, he’ll hear you.

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“He’ll forgive you. He’ll restore you. He said, he never left you. You left him and all these years he’s been trying to draw you back. And then he said, he says, remember, Jesus is both fully God and fully man.

“So being fully God, he’s the God who put every star in the sky, knew when you’d take your last first and last breath and everything you would do in between.

“And he’s the God who, if you were the only man who ever lived, still would have stepped down off the throne of heaven and died on the cross just for you.

“And even as I say that to you now, and I tell this story so many times, I almost tear up and cry because the realization that there’s a God that big who could love me that much.

“And as I looked at my life and realized how many times I had abused that, trampled the blessing and you still love me, God.”

6. Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle told InTeam about how his faith in God helped him to overcome the biggest struggles in his life:

“I’ve had a lot of injuries in my career. I’ve also had a lot of setbacks, especially with addiction.

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“I suffered a while, but I turned my life to Christ and he made me strong and steadfast.

“And that enabled me to overcome my addiction, to overcome my injuries, and to remain strong in his glory.

“So I give God all the credit for what I’ve been able to overcome.

7. Lex Luger

Lex Luger revealed in an appearance on the Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw podcast, how he amazingly turned to Jesus after a stint in jail:

“I was in jail on drug charges and I met this chaplain guy, he kept on trying to talk to me.

“I was basically like an agnostic atheist guy, didn’t grow up in church. And he took me to a church service when I got out.

“He tracked me down and wanted me to work him out. I thought I’d run out of the gym. I couldn’t get rid of this chaplain guy.

“I thought I’d make him so sore doing lunges and squats. And we end up hanging together.

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“He invited me to a Sunday night church service when Dr. Frady, who ended up becoming my earthly spiritual dad, did a message on, are you standing on the rock or the sand?

“And I realized that, man, our careers change, our finances change, people change in our lives. And there’s really my whole life based on shifting sand.

“That was the message. Or are you going to base your life on the eternal rock, meaning Jesus?

“And a week later in the hotel room, I committed my life to Christ. And my whole life transformed.

“I realized there’s a much bigger purpose in life than just ourselves.

“We’re here to serve others. It used to be myself and I, and I realized now it was Jesus, others, and then you, the joy formula, J-O-Y. And it just gave me a whole new, bigger purpose of why I’m here in my life.”

8. Eddie Guerrero

Before his passing in 2005, Eddie Guerrero explained how he was at peace after finding faith in Jesus:

“I haven’t had this kind of peace in a long time. You know, and there’s no money, no material, no person.

“Not even my children that can cure that pain and that emotional distress that I was in.

“Just, just the understanding of my God, you know, understanding of Christ and that I believe in. That’s the only thing that, that, where I find peace. And that’s where I’m back at, you know.”

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