Meet Sam Burns, the ‘Christ follower’ who happens to be one of the world’s best golfers

Sam Burns has quickly emerged as one of the rising stars on the PGA Tour.

At just 27 years old, the Louisiana native has already amassed an impressive resume, including 5 PGA Tour victories and a spot on the 2022 U.S. Ryder Cup team.

Burns has developed into a well-rounded player with a powerful swing, deft touch around the greens, and a relaxed but competitive attitude.

What sets him apart though is his deep-rooted Christian faith that guides his every step.

In a sport where the spotlight often shines on individual accomplishments, Burns has chosen to use his platform to inspire others, sharing the role that his Christian faith plays in his life and career.

Join us as we delve into the remarkable journey of Sam Burns, exploring how his unwavering faith has propelled him to the forefront of the PGA Tour and the profound impact it has had on his life both on and off the course.

Sam Burns on living out his Christian faith

Life as a Christian is a journey and that is no different for Burns.

In an interview with Identity Sports, Burns revealed how despite growing up in a Christian family, it wasn’t until his mid-twenties that he truly started living his life for God.

Burns said: “I grew up in a Christian home and would have said that I was a believer, but I don’t think I really knew what that meant.

“I probably knew the right things to say or the right way to act in front of certain people, but you know thankfully a lot of that sin was revealed to me.

“Russel (Henley) was talking about Brad Payne (President of the College Golf Fellowship), he travels with the tour a lot and is kind of our mentor and somebody that I’ve walked through my faith with and he married me and my wife.

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“I remember around three years ago, we were in LA and I just texted Brad and I was like, hey I need to talk to you.

“So he comes out on the 11th hole and I’m walking him through what’s been going on in my life and I just said, I don’t really understand why I do these things, why I would hurt somebody that I love so much or why I make that decision.

“He just looks at me and goes well you’re a sinner and I was like huh… yeah never really thought about that, I guess you’re right.

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“You know, as believers, we’re all broken people in need of a savior and that’s what I was.

“I needed a savior and I had said that I was a believer, but I wasn’t living it and so that was really just a wake-up call and I’m thankful that day happened.”

You can watch Burns’ full interview with Identity Sports below:

Sam Burns on placing his identity in Jesus

Reaching the pinnacle of your sport is a privilege for any professional athlete, but also comes with challenges.

The most prominent of those challenges for a Christian athlete is the danger of becoming prideful and placing your identity in your work.

In the same interview with Identity Sports, Burns opened up on how he’s been able to find his true identity in Jesus rather than his status as one of the world’s best golfers.

Burns said: “All of us tend to put our hope in things that we do, whether it’s golf or being a good husband or business or whatever it is.

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“We try to measure up to those things and put our trust in ourselves or what we’re capable of.

“But those things always let us down. Golf, you know always lets me down. It’s never good enough or I can never strive enough.

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Burns continued: “So I think whenever I realize that putting our hope in Jesus, he never lets us down.

“He’s constant, he loves us unconditionally, and like that picture Scottie (Scheffler) was talking about… he’s present and he’s there, he’s holding us up, because without that we’re dead in our sin.

“It’s a peace that’s really hard to put into words.”

You can watch Burns talking about placing his identity in Jesus below:

Sam Burns on being thankful for fellow Christian golfers

The Christian journey isn’t one to be faced alone.

Having fellow believers to support and encourage you is important and something that Burns is very thankful for within the PGA Tour.

Speaking to Identity Sports while sitting alongside fellow Christian golfers Russel Henley, Stewart Cink, and Scottie Scheffler, Burns talked about how thankful he is for having fellow believers with him on tour.

Burns said: “I’m incredibly thankful for these guys.

“Not only to go to them with golf stuff, but to know that they’re strong believers and you know, hey man I’m struggling with something in my marriage, or I’m struggling with something in my faith, we can talk about it and they’re always willing to help.”

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Sam Burns on sharing his Christian faith 

Burns is using his privileged position to share his faith with the next generation.

For several years, Scottie Scheffler has hosted an annual retreat for the College Golf Fellowship, which “exists to make disciples by investing relationally with the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world of college golf.”

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Burns joined Scheffler at the event last year and told Sports Spectrum: “I never went to one of these [College Golf Fellowship] events in college, but I wish I had.

“To be able to develop a community with these kids and show them how important faith is in their lives is incredible. I’m glad we’re able to have a platform with them and give back.”

Sam Burns’ faith on social media

Burns is incredibly forthright when it comes to sharing his faith on social media.

A quick glance at the Ryder Cup star’s X account and you’ll notice Burns, first of all, describes himself as a “Christ follower”.

Burns has previously then used his platform to speak more directly to his followers about the impact of his faith on his life.

Plus, seeking to spread the hopeful message of God’s love to those who may not have experienced it before:

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