Patrick Mahomes’ Christian faith including his tattoo meaning, quotes, and church upbringing with parents

Patrick Mahomes is one of the greatest QBs in NFL history.

His rise from former baseball pitcher to now being considered the most talented football player of his generation is nothing short of astounding.

While many know Mahomes for his elusiveness, arm strength, and sneaky athleticism, it’s his Christian faith that has played the biggest role in his career so far.

Patrick Mahomes’ Christian upbringing

Mahomes was fortunate enough to have been brought up in a loving, Christian family who regularly attended church.

In an interview with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Mahomes said: “My mom and dad both raised me in the church.

“Just being able to come up through the church, I was able to build a great relationship with God and I’ve tried to keep that as I’ve gotten older.

A young Mahomes with his parents in 1996

Mahomes continued: “Faith is huge for me, just being able to stay on the right track and live life knowing that I can be free and God will always accept me”.

Patrick Mahomes’ faith during the week

The Chiefs hero’s faith is something that has continued to sustain him throughout his career and in the same interview with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Mahomes revealed how he’s able to stay spiritually fed during his incredibly busy schedule.

Mahomes revealed: “The team provides us with bible study every Friday and that helps us keep up and not lose track of where we’re at with our faith.

“Then as well, there’s chapel every night before a game and that’s huge for me because it gives me that last touch to help me know I can go out there and just play and be myself, and whatever happens God has my back.

“I go to chapel every Saturday night and get the message and thank God for everything he’s provided for me and every opportunity that he’s given me.”

You can watch Mahomes talking about his Christian upbringing and faith during the week below:

Patrick Mahomes’ faith on the football field

It’s not just off the field where Mahomes is striving to be consistent with his faith.

The American has the same pre-game routine, which most crucially includes a prayer of thanks before every match he plays.

Mahomes revealed: “Before every game, I walk the field and do a prayer at the goalpost.

“I thank God for those opportunities and I thank God for letting me be on a stage where I can glorify Him.

“I feel like the biggest thing I pray for is that whatever happens, win or lose, that I’m glorifying Him and doing everything in the way that He wants me to.”

Patrick Mahomes’ faith on the world stage

Ahead of Super Bowl LVII in 2023, Mahomes took the opportunity to talk about his faith on the world stage.

Broadcasters and journalists from all over the world gathered for the Super Bowl Media Day, and the legendary QB was asked about his faith.

Mahomes responded: “My Christian faith plays a role in everything that I do.

“I always ask God to lead me in the right direction and let me be who I am for His name.

“So it has a role in everything I do and obviously it will be on a huge stage at the Super Bowl, that He’s given me and I want to make sure I’m glorifying Him while I do it.”

The faith-driven 28-year-old continued: “I know that I’m blessed to be in this position.

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“I know that I’m here for a reason, to glorify Him and so it means everything, not just in my football career but all the decisions I make.”

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Patrick Mahomes on faith helping him deal with pressure

As one of the key faces in the NFL, Mahomes deals with an immense amount of pressure.

It’s something that is undeniable, and yet the 28-year-old has pointed to his faith as being fundamental in helping deal with the weight of NFL stardom.

Mahomes said: “To have a faith backing, I know why I’m here and it’s not about winning football games, it’s about glorifying Him and that’s why I have no pressure when I step on the football field because I know why I’m here”.

Mahomes continued: “It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about going out there and being the best I can in His name”.

The humble QB was also honest enough to share that his faith has been a gradual journey in which he’s still growing.

The Chiefs star said: “I feel like I’ve grown in my faith in the past few years and I think that’s given me more of a sense of who I am and why I play the game that I play.”

You can watch Mahomes talking about his faith at the Super Bowl LVII Media Day below:

Patrick Mahomes’ faith tattoo

Alongside his verbal outpouring of faith, Mahomes also has a tattoo that shines light on his trust in God.

In 2023 ahead of the Super Bowl, Mahomes revealed his new tattoo was inspired by a bible verse.

Mahomes said: “I actually got a tattoo about Eutychus in Acts 20.

“It’s about how you can’t be half in and half out with God.

“So that was the bible verse that told me I needed to be fully in.”

The tattoo depicts a person walking up stairs to the foot of the cross.

The ultimate symbol of hope for every Christian.

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