Kirk Cousins reveals Jesus is the master of his life in powerful Super Bowl sermon

The Super Bowl Breakfast takes place in the Super Bowl host city every year, drawing sellout crowds to hear from some of the NFL’s biggest names.

The Bart Starr Award is presented at the breakfast, which honors the NFL player who ‘best exemplifies outstanding character and leadership in the home, on the field, and in the community.’

In 2023, veteran NFL quarterback Kirk Cousins won the award, and amazingly used his acceptance speech to deliver a mini-sermon on his Christian faith, which you can read below.

Kirk Cousins on making decisions as a QB

“I had to learn this lesson the hard way”

“I realized that so much of quarterbacking is summed up in the ability to again and again make great decisions with the football in your hands.

“I had to learn this lesson the hard way many times and I remember my sophomore year, playing at Notre Dame.

“We were down by three late in the game and we got into field goal range and I looked over to the sideline for the next play, with just under 30 seconds left.”

“80,000 people cheering my failure”

“My QB coach Dave Warner looked at me and pointed to his temples.

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“And I knew what that meant.

“It meant… ‘Make a great decision here. Be smart. We have a field goal in the bag to tie the game, so just be smart with the football.

“Well famous last words, on the next play I was blitzed, threw the ball over the middle and it was intercepted and we lost the game.

“And I remember picking myself up from the turf with a piece of grass still stuck in my helmet from getting hit, and pulling the grass out, listening to the deafening sound of 80,000 people cheering my failure.”

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Kirk Cousins on making decisions as a Christian

“This is the playbook for life”

“When I look back now I realize that decision making is not just quarterbacking, it’s life.

“It’s a far more important game than the game of football.

“I brought my bible up here. We have a playbook on the football field, us QBs study it relentlessly.

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“But this is the playbook for life.

“The Bible makes it very clear that the best decision you will ever make, far beyond where to throw a football, is the decision to make of who will be the master of your life.”

“My life is not built on football”

“As I walked off the field those days, a second thought beyond ‘Oh no I just made a bad decision’, a second thought would often go through my head.

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“And the thought would go like this, ‘Thank you God that my life is not built on football’.

“Because if my life is built on football, it just crumbled.”

“Who have you chosen to be your master?”

“I had made a decision, a good decision, many years ago as a young man to build my life on this book, the truth of God’s word, and to allow Him to direct the course of my life wherever it may go, good or bad.

“To trust and obey Him, to make Jesus my master.

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“And as a result, I believe I’ve lived, played football, and led my family with an unexplainable peace in the midst of whatever life throws at me.

“So I’m here this morning to ask you, who have you chosen to be your master?”

You can watch Cousins’ Super Bowl sermon below:

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