A look at Jalen Hurts’ Christian faith including daily devotional he ‘can’t live without’

Jalen Hurts has established himself as one of the elite QBs in the NFL.

At 25 years old, Hurts is an Eagles superstar – known for his fierce competitiveness, aggressive play, and unfazed demeanor – but it’s his Christian faith that laid the foundation for his success.

Jalen Hurts on trusting God

Ahead of his first Super Bowl appearance in 2023, Hurts was very open about his faith and the importance it plays in his life.

He said: “I know my strength comes from God. I know the importance of faith and I know that my foundation is my faith.”

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You can watch his full pre-Super Bowl press conference here:

Jalen Hurts on his favorite bible verse

On numerous occasions, Hurts has quoted his favorite bible verse which acts as a constant reminder to him that God is in control.

He said: “My favourite scripture is John 13:7, which says ‘You may not know now, but later you’ll understand.’

“It just reminds me to continue to be patient and to remain diligent, steadfast, and keep God at the center.”

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Jalen Hurts on his daily devotional

In an interview with GQ, Hurts revealed the ’10 thing he can’t live without’.

One of those things was his daily devotional, which Hurts revealed helps him remain consistent in his faith:

“It’s really important to me because I’m a man of God.

“Waking up every morning and having a routine where I can gain some wisdom and learn His word, walk by the Spirit and I strive to do that daily.

“I challenge myself to spread that word organically. My favorite scripture is John 13:7.

“Jesus replied, ‘You may not know now, but later you will understand. My daily devotional has been a pivotal part of my life.”

@jalenhurts on Instagram.

You can watch the full GQ interview here:

Jalen Hurts on social media

The Texas-born star often refers to his faith on social media.

Hurts has the message ‘Be who God called you to be’ as his X banner.

@JalenHurts on X

Then in his Instagram bio, Hurts declares ‘In God I Trust’, a clear declaration of his strong faith.

@jalenhurts on Instagram.

After being drafted by the Eagles in 2020, Hurts posted a video of his reaction with the caption ‘God is always in control. Just never lose faith!’, with reference to his favourite bible verse, John 13:7.

@JalenHurts on X.

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