The inspiring story of Isabella Pujols, daughter of MLB legend Albert Pujols, and their unwavering Christian faith

Isabella Pujols is the adopted daughter of MLB legend Albert Pujols.

She was born in November 1997 and is 25 years old. Isabella has Trisomy, also known as Down’s Syndrome, which was identified at birth.

Her condition has been the inspiration behind her father’s organization, the Pujols Family Foundation, which aims to help families and children with Down Syndrome and other disabilities.

Albert Pujols’ Christian faith

Albert Pujols has been very vocal about his Christian faith and has often attributed his success to God.

He’s stated that ‘his life’s goal is to bring glory to Jesus Christ and that his life is 100% committed to Jesus and His will’.

Pujols sees baseball as a ‘platform to elevate Jesus’ and has emphasized that his faith is more important than his achievements in the game.

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He’s also expressed that he would rather be known as a great husband and father than an All-Star baseball player.

Pujols has also said that his faith has helped him stay grounded and focused on what is essential in life:

“People ask me if I believe how quickly my career has taken off.

“I just tell them that Jesus Christ is my strength. God has blessed me and I will continue to glorify Him in everything I do.”

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Pujols’s faith has also influenced his charity work.

The Pujols Family Foundation is a Christian organization that aims to “promote awareness, provide hope and meet tangible needs for children and families who live with Down syndrome”.

The organization’s website also makes clear, however, that faith in Jesus is at the centre of what they’re trying to promote:

“It makes sense for the Pujols Family Foundation website to have information about what our foundation does, our events, and ways to get involved.

“But it’s also important to share our message of faith. We want people to know that our foundation is rooted in our faith in Jesus Christ.”

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Pujols has also been involved in several Christian ministries throughout his career.

He has worked with Athletes in Action, a Christian sports organization, and has been a guest speaker at several Christian events and conferences.

You can watch his interview with American journalist Graham Bensinger here:

Isabella Pujols’ Christian faith

Isabella Pujols has been influenced by her family’s strong Christian faith.

While there are no direct quotes from Isabella herself about her faith, her father’s public statements and the family’s involvement in Christian organizations provide insight into their shared beliefs.

Albert Pujols Facebook.

Isabella has participated in Christian organizations such as the Special Olympics, which aligns with the family’s Christian values.

Isabella’s presence has been a driving force behind the Pujols Family Foundation’s mission to support families and children with disabilities, reflecting their Christian values of compassion and love for others.

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