Dak Prescott’s Christian faith including tattoos, favorite bible verses and facing adversity

Dak Prescott describes himself as the ‘Hailstate To America’s Team‘.

Indeed, as quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, the former fourth-round pick occupies arguably the no1 hot seat in the NFL.

So how does he deal with the immense pressure that brings?

Well, while many know Prescott for his pinpoint accuracy, commanding leadership, and calm demeanor, it’s his Christian faith that has played the biggest role in his career so far.

Dak Prescott’s faith on the field

Prescott’s faith is quite literally on display every time he steps on the field.

The Louisiana-born star has the word ‘Faith’ written on his wrist and explained why:

Dallas Cowboys on Facebook

“The reason I write faith on my wrist… I used to write ‘Mom’ because she got sick when I was in college, but then after she had passed, I got ‘Mom’ tattooed on my wrist.

“During her funeral, she had told the pastor three words and she had three boys and each word meant something.

“My oldest brother was ‘Fight’. He was ‘Fight’ because he was the one who would always fight. She used to fight with him, he always fought for what he wanted.

@_4dak on Instagram

“‘Finish’ was for my middle brother. He was there when my mother passed, he lived with her the whole time that she was sick and he had a semester left to finish his college degree, so he was ‘Finish’.

“Then lastly, I was ‘Faith’. Just the simple fact of always keeping my relationship with God and that was the reason I was ‘Faith’ and so that’s why I continue to write that, to remind me of my mother’s last words for me.”

You can watch Prescott talk about his ‘Faith’ sleeve here:

Dak Prescott’s faith tattoos

Alongside his faith sleeve, Prescott also has two tattoos that shine light on his faith in God.

Firstly, his shoulder tattoos reference the verses of Corinthians 9:25:

“Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.”

Then across the Cowboys star’s chest reads: ‘Beyond Blessed’.

In an interview with ESPN, Prescott revealed what it means to him:

“I have ‘Beyond Blessed’ across my chest with a cross. I think that says and covers a lot of my tattoos and life.

“Throughout everything I’ve been through, front and center is a cross which says ‘Beyond Blessed’ and that’s my answer for everything.”

You can watch ESPN’s interview with Dak Prescott about his tattoos below:

Dak Prescott’s favorite bible verses

In an interview with the Cowboys fan club, Dak opened up about the bible verses closest to his heart:

“I have a few… John 3:16, Luke 12:48… ‘To much who is given, much is required’. That’s a huge one for me and I hang my hat on it.”

Prescott continued: “God is great and there all the time. Just be faithful, stay focussed, stay patient and believe”.

You can watch Prescott talking about his favorite bible verses here:

Dak Prescott’s faith during adversity

In 2020, Prescott suffered a potentially career-threatening injury.

He had suffered a compound fracture and dislocation to his right ankle, and underwent surgery the same night, ending his season.

While the NFL world was desperately mourning his misfortune, the then 27-year-old had a very different outlook.

The Cowboys star would soon post a message to his fans on Instagram in which he said:

“I’m just excited. Excited for God’s purpose and plan. I know it’s bigger than anything I see.

“I’m trusting him and my faith is doubled down more than ever and I’m thankful he’s my savior and He guides me in life.

“I know through Him, all this will be possible and this will be a great comeback”.

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