Christian golfers who are sharing their faith including Scottie Scheffler and Wyndham Clark

Life as a professional golfer can be difficult at the best of times.

Non-stop travel, extreme pressure, and incredibly unforgiving – it’s well known that golf is one of the most psychologically demanding sports out there. It takes very strong mental fortitude to make it to the top of the game.

This article takes a look at a selection of top 50 golfers who trust in God above all else to help them navigate through their high-profile careers.

1. Scottie Scheffler

Scottie Scheffler is officially the no1 golfer in the world.

His win at the 2022 Masters catapulted the American to new heights and he’s since gone on to establish himself as the man to beat in any tournament he enters.

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The green jacket-winning star amazed journalists during his post-Masters press conference in 2022, by pointing to his faith in Christ as what inspired his victory.

Scheffler said: “It all goes back to my faith. The reason why I play golf is to glorify God and all that he’s done in my life and so for me my identity isn’t a golf score.

“All I’m trying to do is glorify God and that’s why I’m in this position, so for me, it’s not about a golf score.”

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2. Wyndham Clark

Wyndham Clark’s rise to stardom in 2023 has been remarkable.

In May 2023, he won the Wells Fargo Championship for his first PGA Tour win; the following month, he won his first major, the 2023 US Open.

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In a similar fashion to his countryman Scheffler, Clark used the biggest moment of his career to shine light on his love for God.

After winning the US Open, he said: “God has a plan for me, and it’s obviously far greater than I ever could have imagined.

“And so, being here now, I just feel so blessed. It’s honestly surreal to look back and think about the journey the last seven to 10 years.”

Clark has also been very vocal on social media about his faith too.

During Easter weekend, he posted about his thankfulness for Jesus:

@wyndhamclark Instagram.

Also after the tragic passing of his mother in 2013, Clark posted about her ‘enjoying eternity with Jesus’:

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3. Sam Burns

PGA regular Sam Burns now has five wins on tour, most recently in the WGC-Dell Match Play in March 2023.

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Currently 20th in the world rankings, Burns has historically been very active on social media in regard to talking about his faith.

Despite his success as a pro golfer, the 27-year-old knows his achievements aren’t what define him:

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4. Russell Henley

Four-time PGA Tour winner Russell Henley is a devout Christian.

In an incredibly open and honest interview with Links Players, Henley talked about the moment he decided to give his life to Jesus:

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The world no 28 said: “My view on Christianity was wrong. We are all in such need. It’s not about earning your way. I realized what a beautiful picture that was and fell in love with Christ immediately.”

5. Chris Kirk

Chris Kirk’s story is like no other in golf.

The 38-year-old won four tournaments on the PGA Tour between 2011 and 2015, before entering an almost eight-year drought.

His next win would come at the Honda Classic in Feb 2023, which prompted the American to speak out on what had been an incredibly tough few years.

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In May 2019, Kirk gave up golf. After using alcohol to medicate his depression and anxiety for many years, he decided that he needed to make a change.

After taking six months out, he returned in November 2019 a new man.

In an interview with, he said: “For that to have happened and worked out for me, obviously, there were some decisions that I made, but mostly the grace of God and a lot of other people that really helped me along the way.

“It’ll be a lot of celebrating, and I thank God that alcohol won’t be a part of it.”

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