10 Christian baseball players in the MLB who are seeking to glorify God

Baseball’s popularity and appeal in the US keeps on growing.

MLB.TV just recorded its most streamed season in its 21-year history with 12.7 billion minutes watched.

MLB also recorded more than 6 billion views in 2023 across its social media accounts, the most in MLB history.

With the eyes of the world gravitating more and more towards the sport, players’ voices are being heard louder than ever.

Here are quotes from 10 baseball players who are using their powerful voice to share the good news of Jesus:

1. Aaron Judge (New York Yankees)

God gave you the talent, so always give Him the glory! Never forget that God gave you this opportunity!”

@thejudge44 on Instagram

You can watch HIS Radio’s feature about Judge’s Christian faith here:

2. Freddie Freeman (Los Angeles Dodgers)

“Anything the Lord lets me do, I do it. I pray before every game, I do everything I can for Him.”

@freddiefreeman on Instagram

“I just make sure I put God first and not let temptations get in front of me.”

You can watch the full clip of Freeman talking about his faith here:

3. Paul Goldschmidt (St. Louis Cardinals)

“As I’ve realized more and more how sinful I am and honestly we all are at certain times, you appreciate that grace and forgiveness more and how perfect Jesus was.

“It’s inspired me to try to give that forgiveness to others and also ask them for forgiveness for me.

“The more I’ve understood and really appreciated the grace and forgiveness that Jesus has shown me, then I can hopefully show it to others as well”.

@therealpaulgoldschmidt on Instagram

You can watch HavenToday’s interview with Goldschmidt where he talks about his walk with Jesus here:

4. J.T. Realmuto (Philadelphia Phillies)

“My favorite bible verse my whole life has been James 4:7; ‘So humble yourselves before God, resist the devil and he will flee from you’.

“For me, being humble has been something that has been really important in my life because I know that I’ve gotten to where I’ve gotten and been able to succeed in life 1000% because of what Jesus has done for me.

“I haven’t been able to do anything on my own. Nothing that I’ve accomplished is due to me.

“I give all the credit to Him”.

@jt_realmuto on Instagram

You can watch Christ Church South Philly’s full interview with Realmuto and his wife here:

5. Aaron Nola (Philadelphia Phillies)

“Over the years I’ve really dove into the bible and really through studies learned who Jesus is and what he can do and to put all my trust and faith in Him.”

@aaronnola_27 on Instagram

You can watch Christ Church South Philly’s full interview with Nola here:

6. Dansby Swanson (Chicago Cubs)

“The one thing I credit for keeping me afloat is my faith.

“I have grown so much as a person and spiritual life because of that and I didn’t realize it at the time but God really does have full control over my life and he will never lead me astray.”

@dansbyswanson on Instagram

You can watch All Things Loyal’s interview with Swanson below:

7. Jose Altuve (Houston Astros)

“I still look around and thank God for everything because sometimes it’s hard to believe that what I dreamed as a kid is real life now.

“I’m always going to believe because I grew up knowing that He (Jesus) went to the cross and died for us.

“My faith in Him and love for Him helps me not to worry about the little things and trust that He will put all things in order for me.”

@josealtuve27 on Instagram

You can watch CBN News’ full interview with Altuve below:

8. Brandon Nimmo (New York Mets)

“When I finally really surrendered to Him (Christ) in my heart, not just saying the words, but in my heart say ‘Okay wherever this is going to go it’s up to you’, I started to feel more peace about what I was doing.

“The ultimate sacrifice was Jesus dying on the cross for our sins.

“He made the greatest example by showing us that true love and true purpose down here is sacrifice.”

@bnimmo24 on Instagram

You can watch The 700 Clubs’ full interview with Nimmo below:

9. Clayton Kershaw

“When I think about Jesus, the first word that comes to mind is hope.

“What anchors you? What gives you hope past this world? For us, that’s Jesus. Jesus is our eternal hope.”

@claytonkershaw on Instagram

You can watch CBN News’ feature on Kershaw’s faith below:

10. Logan Gilbert (Seattle Mariners)

“I play for Him and that just means everything I do I’m trying to glorify God and use the talents he’s given me on the baseball field and in life.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty in the game and I’ve just realized that I’m in a better spot when I realize my dependence on God and His plan and His perfect will.”

@logangilbert22 on Instagram

You can watch Play4Him’s full interview with Gilbert below:

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  1. Wow, this is pretty cool. You left out Michael Lorenzon, who is very strong in his Christian walk. Pitcher. Good to know that when the careers rise and fall, they each have a constant in Jesus Christ.

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