Caleb Furst’s Christian faith including tattoo meaning and influence of parents, high school, and church

Caleb Furst is one of college basketball’s rising stars.

A giant on the court at 6’10, Furst was a standout player for Blackhawk Christian School in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

He led his team to multiple state championships, earning accolades such as being named Indiana Mr. Basketball and Indiana Gatorade Player of the Year.

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The High School hero now calls Purdue University home and his impressive performances for the Boilermakers have further solidified his reputation as a rising star in the sport

The Indiana-born youngster credits his Christian faith as a key reason for the success of his career so far.

In this article, we explore Furst’s Christian faith, including the meaning behind his bible verse tattoo as well as looking at the impact of his high school, church, and family on his faith journey so far.

Caleb Furst’s Christian High School

Caleb Furst attended Blackhawk Christian School which had a profound impact on his Christian faith.

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It’s a school with a mission to raise kids with Jesus at the center of their lives, as stated by the Head of the School, Kevin Newbry.

Newbry said: “For 50 years, Blackhawk Christian School has been Discipling children in the ways of the Lord, and our mission “Preparing Hearts and Minds to Serve Christ” is more important than ever.”

Caleb Furst on growing in faith at Purdue

Furst’s High School years gave him a solid foundation, which he would continue to build on once moving to Purdue.

In an interview with Blackhawk Ministries back in 2021 shortly after graduating, Furst talked about wanting to remain firm in his faith after starting college.

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Furst said: “Since I’ve come to Purdue I feel like it’s been a great opportunity to take my faith even more and make it my own because being in a Christian school I think it’s easy a lot of the time to go through the motions because you’re surrounded by so many other people that are like-minded.

“So then coming to Purdue, and being in a situation where there are tonnes of different people from different backgrounds, it gave me a greater chance to take my faith and live it out on my own.”

Caleb Furst’s Church

Caleb Furst currently attends City of God Church in Lafayette.

In Sep 2023, the young basketball star sat down with the Lead Pastor of the church, Eric Roseberry, to discuss life as a Christian while playing for Purdue.

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Furst talked about how he tries to keep faith at the center of his life during a busy schedule: “The biggest thing for me is reading my bible and that’s something I try to do every day.

“I’ve learned that if I do it in the morning, not only does it help me do a better job of doing it consistently, but it helps me throughout my day and gives me opportunities to live out what I’ve read and then maybe some verses will come to mind in different situations.”

Furst was also asked about the most challenging part of being a Christian while playing high-level college basketball.

He responded: “As I’ve transitioned to college, it’s become harder to not have it define who you are.

“But for me, that’s something that I have to remind myself that your identity is not what you do on the court, but rather it’s who you are in Christ Jesus”.

You can watch Caleb’s full interview with Lead Pastor Eric Roseberry below:

Caleb Furst’s faithful family

Caleb Furst comes from a faith-based family that emphasizes the importance of prayer and support through their Christian beliefs.

“I was always raised in a Christian family, our parents did a great job of teaching us a biblical foundation from when we were younger”, he told City of God Church.

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In an interview with the “This is Purdue” podcast, his parents highlighted that they are deeply rooted in faith and regularly pray for Caleb, encouraging him to focus on what truly matters and reminding him that basketball is just a part of who he is.

Lotus Furst, Caleb’s mom, said: “We’re very faith-based, so I would say through prayer.

“I mean we pray for him a lot and tell him that we’re praying for him a lot and just tell him that his main focus should just be playing for an audience of one and honoring the Lord.”

You can watch the full interview with Caleb’s parents below:

Caleb Furst’s tattoo

Caleb Furst isn’t afraid to display his faith for all to see.

The Indiana-born star has a bible verse tattooed on his arm.

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The tattoo reads: “To live is Christ, to die is gain”.

This is taken from Philippians 1:21, a verse that is central to every Christian’s life.

“To live is Christ” is a call for Christians to live for Jesus in all that they do.

Proclaiming the gospel, being transformed into Jesus’ likeness, giving up things that distance us from God, and ultimately having Christ as our focus and chief desire.

And therefore “To die is gain”, is a reminder of the amazing truth that a life lived for God becomes a life that is willing to die for Him – and that death is nothing more than the glorious entrance into His marvelous presence.

You can watch a helpful explanation of the verse below:

Caleb Furst on social media

Caleb Furst’s faith is also evident on his social media.

The Purdue giant refers to himself as a ‘Follower of Christ’ above all in his Instagram bio.

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Then on his X profile, Furst has a pinned tweet that links out to the worship song, ‘My Hope Is Built’.

He said: “Have this song on my mind as the season begins today.

“Whatever happens on any given day, good or bad, we can rejoice because Christ is the solid rock on which we stand!

“I’m reminded that He is always in control and has a plan for this year and our lives.”

You can listen to the song below:

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