Brock Purdy fueled by his church and former teammates as 49ers star strives to glorify God

Brock Purdy has become one of the most distinguishable QBs in the NFL.

Not just because of his remarkable rise from ‘Mr. Irrelevant’ to the Pro Bowl, but also because of his Christian faith.

The 49ers star is incredibly outspoken about his love for God.

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As part of NewsNation’s first installment of a new faith-based series entitled, “One Nation Under God”, anchor Adrienne Bankert traveled to Purdy’s heartland hometown of Ames, Iowa to learn about his faith.

She interviewed the pastor of the church he attended while at Iowa State and some of Purdy’s former coaches and teammates, including R.J. Sumrall who baptized Purdy a couple of years ago.

Brock Purdy’s church

Purdy’s career has been fueled by a church with a mission to bring the love of Christ to campus, Cornerstone in Ames.

The church is among the largest in Iowa, hosting nearly 2000 students a week as part of Salt Company, one of the nation’s most successful college ministries.

Cornerstone pastor Mark Vance said in an interview with NewsNation: “This is kind of home for him [Brock Purdy].

“Whenever he’s got time off and is back in time, Brock’s going to come to services. He would’ve sat right over there.”

Vance continued to speak about Purdy’s desire to point to Jesus rather than glorify himself: “There’s a message to a culture that’s desperately trying to figure out… who am I?

“If the light inside of you isn’t actually brighter than the spotlight that comes on you.

“The spotlight doesn’t enhance you, it crushes you.”

Brock Purdy’s coaches and former teammates

Brock Purdy’s strong faith, means he leaves a mark wherever he goes and his former coaches and teammates are still cheering him on.

Jeff Mills, Defense Coach at Iowa State talked about Purdy when speaking to NewsNation: “He would stop in, and we would talk… we were both likeminded as Christians.”

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Former Iowa State WR R.J. Sumrall had the privilege of baptizing Purdy and talked about what it symbolizes.

Sumrall told NewsNation: “It’s just showing to yourself, to the Lord, and to all those witnessing, you are aligned with Jesus.”

NewsNation’s Adrienne Bankert asked: “When he comes out of the water, what was his response?”

Sumrall responded: “Hugs! Smiles! I mean it’s the greatest thing – It’s new life.”

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Purdy is also inspiring the next generation.

ISU football player A.J. Harris told NewsNation: “He points to God and shows people whatever you go through, God is with you, no matter what.”

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A further player commented:

“He’s praising God instead of trying to have people praise him for what he’s done.”

You can watch NewsNation’s video on Brock Purdy’s Christian faith below:

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