Brock Purdy’s Christian faith: ‘Mr. Irrelevant’ who found his true identity in Christ

Brock Purdy has one of the most remarkable stories in NFL history.

From being the final pick in the NFL Draft, becoming that year’s Mr. Irrelevant, to then becoming just one of five rookie quarterbacks to start in a conference championship game in 2022 to then breaking the 49ers’ single-season passing yards record and being named in the Pro Bowl in 2023.

While many know the humble QB for his resilience, laser-like accuracy, and completely unfazed demeanor, it’s his Christian faith that has played the biggest role in his career.

Brock Purdy on his faith in Jesus

In an interview with Sports Spectrum, Purdy revealed what it means to him to be a believer in Jesus and how that “sets him apart from the world”.

The 49ers QB said: “Right now I’m all about living set apart from the world. People can think this about me or whatever, the bottom line for me is that my identity is in Jesus.”

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“It’s not, hey I’m better than you, it’s just that I’m called to do this, I’m called to witness, I’m called to share the Word. I have this knowledge of the Spirit and I want to give it to as many people as I can.”

You can watch Sports Spectrum’s interview with Brock Purdy here:

Brock Purdy on keeping faith above football

Purdy’s meteoric rise to NFL stardom inevitably came with new challenges and temptations.

The lure of fame and riches can often lead to players becoming prideful and disconnected.

Purdy however was always focused on ensuring his faith remained no1 in his life despite his new-found success on the field.

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In an appearance on Sports Spectrum’s podcast, the 24-year-old revealed how he ensures his faith remains at the forefront of his life:

“One of the things I had been reading throughout the season was Mark 8:34. Jesus is telling his disciples if you want to follow me, deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me.

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“It also talks about, if you try and hold onto your life you’ll lose it, but if you lose your life for my sake, you’ll save it.

“And so I think for me, coming in and playing, having success, getting to the playoffs and doing all these things that a rookie QB hadn’t really done in NFL history… my mindset didn’t shift from that verse that Jesus told his disciples thousands of years ago.

“I didn’t want to grip onto this life of, oh my gosh I’m in the NFL, I can’t lose it… actually, it was flipped.

“I was reminded of what Jesus told us thousands of years ago… don’t try to hold onto your life.

“The world wants you to go this way and that way. The minute you have fame, if you try and chase money and status you’ll lose your life.

“Taking up your cross and keeping my eyes on Jesus and his promises… that’s a life worth living and how you save your life through Christ.”

You can watch Purdy’s full appearance on the Sports Spectrum podcast here:

Brock Purdy on his favorite bible passage

Ahead of Purdy’s first Super Bowl appearance in 2024, the 49ers star was asked about which bible verses he’d been reading.

Purdy responded: “For me, it’s been Psalm 23.

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“The Lord is my shepherd, I have what I need. He lets me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside quiet waters.

“For me, you know playing this game, playing this sport, there’s a lot that goes into it.

“It’s easy to get wrapped up in wanting to be loved, obviously by your teammates and everybody, but like the world.

“But for me, in that passage, it’s talking about… I already have what I need from the good shepherd in Jesus.

“So I’ve just been studying Psalm 23 throughout the whole season.

“It’s what I start off with actually every single day.

“I just read Psalm 23 to myself before I start. Start with some solitude and then I go about my day.”

Brock Purdy on his family’s faith

As well as being a devout Christian himself, Purdy also has a strong network of believers by his side.

The Purdy family are firm followers of Christ and in a press conference the NFL star opened up about how his family has helped him remain faithful:

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“We’re a faith-based family so everything we do is prayer and praying to God win or lose.

“Understanding who we are as a family, what we believe in and we just remind ourselves of that first.

“We don’t get wrapped up in what people think of us or the bad that can happen.

“It’s all about what’s in front of us and being authentic as a family and it just helps me remain level-headed with everything that’s about to come.”

The faithful Purdy family is also expanding.

In July 2023, Purdy announced his engagement to girlfriend Jenna on Instagram.

@brock.purdy13 on Instagram.

Alongside a picture of the emotional moment, Purdy wrote:

“My Jenna girl forever. I can’t wait to be your husband and grow together in Christ. Here’s to forever babe. I love you JB!”

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Brock Purdy on social media

Purdy’s desire to share his faith with others is immediately evident on his social media.

The 49ers star describes himself as a “Believer in Christ” first and foremost on his X profile.

@brockpurdy13 on X.

Then even more prominently, Purdy’s Twitter banner is in reference to Colossians 3:23 which says:

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men”.

This bible verse works as a reminder for Christians that regardless of our station in life, all we do should be for God’s glory.

To not fall into the trap of working “for men” or simply for earthly goals, but to glorify our heavenly Father in all we do.

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