Bijan Robinson is the Christian NFL star helping the homeless and sharing his faith on the world stage

Bijan Robinson is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling stars in the NFL.

His incredible athleticism, blistering speed, and cat-like agility make him incredibly unique – however, it’s his Christian faith that makes him truly stand out.

Despite his remarkable success at such a young age, Robinson’s perspective is that none of it would’ve been possible without his faith in God.

On the podcast Faith on the Field, he said about his Christian faith: “It’s the most important thing. I mean, if I didn’t have the Lord in my life, I wouldn’t have been here talking to you and you know he’s the one that blesses me to do everything.

“He’s the one that gives me the conscience, the heart, the mind to do everything and even all decisions that I make. I always got to pray about everything that I do just because, like you know, you can go into this situation blind and not know what’s going on.

“But just knowing that you have God right there covering you then that’s what makes the comfort level what it is.”

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Bijan’s firm faith isn’t something he just wants to keep to himself, however. In this article, we explore how Robinson is seeking to share what he believes with his teammates, community, and on the world stage.

Bijan Robinson sharing his faith with teammates

Robinson’s devout faith in God dates back to his High School years.

He attended Salpointe Catholic High School in Arizona and his old head coach Eric Rogers revealed in an interview with BVM Sports, that he’d never coached a player with a faith stronger than Bijan Robinson.

Robinson’s faith was so strong, that it started to impact his teammates too:

“He has a tremendous faith and it’s contagious,” Rogers said. “People gravitate to him and it was crazy to see the progression from five, then it was 10 and 15.

“Next thing you know by the end of the year, 25 guys were huddling up with him to pray right before our games. For me, it was unique and special.”

Being part of a team with Jesus at the center is something Robinson has said is very important to him.

In a Big 12 press conference, he said: “None of us would be here if God wasn’t a part of our life, He blessed us to do something.

“When He’s the center and the focal piece of a team, that’s when you start to see where you want to go and how you want to do it.”

Bijan Robinson sharing his faith on the world stage

Robinson entered the 2023 NFL draft as one of the most exciting RB prospects in history.

After being selected in the first round by the Falcons, the eyes of the world were on Bijan as he made his first statement as an NFL player.

Amazingly, it was his faith that Robinson wanted to share before anything else. Proudly wearing cross earrings, he said:

“First off, I just want to give honor to God and his son Jesus for blessing me to be here. I do everything for Him… God is so good.”

@bijan_robinson on Instagram.

Bijan Robinson sharing his faith online

Amid his growing fame, Robinson’s faith features prominently on social media.

His X bio says, “God is the way,” and his banner image features six words: “Faith. Believe. Trust. Let God Work!”

@Bijan5Robinson on X.

“Trust in the Lord” and “Let’s make God famous” are also the first things in Robinson’s Instagram bio.

@bijan_robinson on Instagram.

Bijan Robinson sharing his faith in his community

As a young college superstar, Robinson teamed up with The DENN Foundation to launch DENN five-for-five, which would donate $5 for every yard gained by the RB that season.

The donation would go to hundreds of former homeless men and women in the Community First! Village, which provides permanent housing for those coming out of chronic homelessness.

@Bijan5Robinson on X.

After visiting the village in November 2022, Bijan said:

“It was an emotional experience. Just talking to some of the people that were homeless and now they live there you can just see the changed life in their eyes and their smile.”

@Bijan5Robinson on X.

When questioned about why he was so keen to help the homeless, Bijan pointed to his Christian faith:

“I have the opportunity to show that I’m not just a football player and that I really do have a heart and care for other things in life.

“I know that God put me on this Earth to impact people in that way. He gave me the platform to do so much more off the field and that’s why I’m trying to gain those extra yards for them.”

You can watch ESPN‘s video on Bijan Robinson’s five-for-five donation here:

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