10 Christian NFL players who are talking about their faith on the world stage

American Football has become one of the most talked about sports on the planet, with the NFL’s global popularity soaring.

With the eyes of the world gravitating more and more towards the sport, players’ voices are being heard louder than ever.

Here are 10 NFL players who are using their powerful voice to share the good news of Jesus:

1. Patrick Mahomes

The Chiefs legend most recently spoke about his faith in Jesus ahead of Super Bowl LVII.

In an interview with ESPN, the QB said: “My Christian faith plays a role in everything that I do. I always ask God to lead me in the right direction and let me be who I am for His name.

“So it has a role in everything that I do. Obviously, we’ll be on that huge stage in the Super Bowl that He’s given me, and I want to make sure I’m glorifying Him while I do it.”

2. Carson Wentz

Wentz is one of the most outspoken NFL stars when it comes to his faith.

In an interview with NBC Sports, the former first-round pick spoke openly about his desire to talk about his savior:

“I always tell people, for example, if you love your job, you love your wife, you love what you do, you’re going to talk about it. Well, I love Jesus. That’s what I love, so I’m going to talk about it.”


3. Russell Wilson

The veteran QB is widely admired for his firm faith in God.

After becoming the NFL’s highest-paid player back in 2019, Wilson was quick to emphasize that money isn’t what brings him joy.

In an interview with Fox News, he said: “I’ve found peace and hope and love and joy in Jesus and he’s the way and the only way.”


4. Drew Brees

The recently-retired fan favorite continues to live his life for Jesus now that his football days are over.

In an interview with CNN, Brees revealed one of his favorite bible verses: “One of my favorite verses in the Bible is 2 Corinthians 5:7: ‘For we live by faith, not by sight.”

Brees also went on to explain what that faith looks like in his life: “Being a Christian is love. It’s forgiveness. It’s respecting all, it’s accepting all.”


5. Dak Prescott

The Cowboys superstar has had somewhat of a tumultuous career so far, but never let his struggles dampen his faith in God.

Following his injury in 2020, the QB posted an update on Instagram: “I’m just excited – excited for God’s purpose and plan.

“I know it’s bigger than anything that I see, or I could have imagined, but I’m trusting in Him.

“My faith is doubled down more than ever, and I’m thankful that He’s my Savior and He guides me in life.”


6. Justin Simmons

The 29-year-old Broncos star is unwavering in his love for God.

In an interview with Sports Spectrum, the safety talked about how his identity isn’t in his ability as a football player, but in Christ:

“I know I have Christ in my corner. And He is my identity. I don’t have to focus my worth on how great I do on the field.

“It’s important to know that even if I do have the worst game of my career, Christ is for me, and He always will be.

“Those are the kinds of things my accountability group instills in me. Instead of finding my identity in sports, I now know my worth and purpose is found in Christ alone.”


7. Taysom Hill

The Saints cult hero has previously emphasized the importance of remaining in God’s word despite the busyness of a pro footballer’s life.

In an interview with Deseret News, he said: “I find time to read my scriptures, have personal prayer.

“My wife and I study the scriptures together, we pray together every night, and that doesn’t matter if we’re away from each other or it’s the offseason.

“That’s a priority for us, and we make sure we do it.”


8. Zach Ertz

The Cardinals TE has now been in the NFL for ten years and has an amazing appreciation of the opportunity that’s given him to share the good news of Jesus.

In an interview with Sports Spectrum, he said: “Our No. 1 goal on this Earth is to make disciples. That’s the only job we want to do.

“So this is a platform we have to draw people to the Word, to Jesus. That’s something we don’t take for granted by any means.”


9. Case Keenum

At 35 years old, Keenum has seen it all in the NFL.

One of the most encouraging changes he’s seen is the increase in strong Christian men becoming more prevalent in the league.

In an interview with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, he said: “It’s cool to see guys at the highest level of the sport unashamed with their faith first of all, but also unwavering in their faith.

“These guys don’t only talk about their faith, they live it out with their families, on their teams, and as men of God.

“And, they’re sharing their experiences and helping younger guys like me try to do the same thing. I’m definitely encouraged.”


10. Kirk Cousins

The long-time Vikings QB has been very outspoken about his faith during his time in the NFL.

The 35-year-old has revealed how the high-pressure environment of pro football has helped him grow in his Christian faith.

In an interview with The Gospel Coalition, he said: “I get up every morning and feel the task ahead of me is bigger than I can handle, and it requires me to live by faith.

“I do feel inadequate. Sometimes I feel like I’m sinking in the water, and I need to trust the Lord. The lifestyle has really helped me grow spiritually if anything.”


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