mason gillis tattoo mom
Mason Gillis' bible verse tattoo was inspired by his mom and helped star through injury
Mason Gillis is one of basketball's rising stars. We explore the meaning behind Gillis' tattoo and how it helped him overcome his injury.
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Bukayo Saka cross
Bukayo Saka's wristband shines light on his love for God
Bukayo Saka isn't afraid to speak about his love for God. The 22-year-old is also now starting to shine a light on his beliefs on the pitch too.
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Christian NBA ALL Star
12 Christian NBA players set to feature in 2024 All-Star Game
The NBA All-Star Game brings together the best players in the world. Here's a breakdown of 12 Christian players who will play in the 2024 NBA All-Star game.
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steve wilks fired
49ers defensive coordinator Steve Wilks posted apt message about his faith just two weeks before being fired
San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator Steve Wilks is a Christian and posted an apt message about his faith just weeks before being fired.
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brock purdy christian
Brock Purdy fueled by his church and former teammates as 49ers star strives to glorify God
Brock Purdy is outspoken about his love for God. NewsNation anchor Adrienne Bankert traveled to Purdy’s heartland hometown of Ames to learn about his faith.
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super bowl sermon
Kirk Cousins reveals Jesus is the master of his life in powerful Super Bowl sermon
In 2023, veteran NFL QB Kirk Cousins amazingly delivered a mini-sermon on his Christian faith at the Super Bowl breakfast.
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